Stages Media offers a deep skill-set and an unparalleled creative prospective to every client we work with.  Our software development, design, and project management experience spans more than 20 years in the Entertainment, Financial, Retail, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Educational and Marketing sectors. Our services include: Software Development, including Mobile Devices (iPhone, Android), Videography and Web/Social Marketing, so we offer our clients a unique skill set that we have found brings creative cohesion to every project.

Technically, our skillset is exceptional, including C, C++, Java, Objective-C, Html, Javascript, CSS, PGP. Some of the tools we use include MFC, Cocoa, Flash, Photoshop, iPhone SDK, Android SDK, Dreamweaver, Oracle, SqlServer, Mysql, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux.
If you have a project that's in your pipeline in the future, please contact us. We can help develop a functional scope, and develop a budget, and timeline (critical path) based on our in-house Project Definition Analysis model